The Voice Winner 2017

The Voice 2017 winner Name announced: Here is your The voice Season 12 Winner!!!

The Voice - Season 12
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The Voice 2017 winner Name announced: Here is your The voice Season 12 Winner

Hey Folks your wait for The Voice 2017 Winner is over and now it’s time to celebrate the moment of the voice season 12 winner and the voice USA 2017 winner name announced. You will have you the voice winner 2017 from the Top 4 finalist of the voice 2017 finale. Lauren Duski, Chris Blue, Jesse Larson and Aliyah Moulden Performs well in the voice 2017 finale. The voice 2017 winner will be decided on the basis of contestant’s Duet, solo and original performances. Moreover iTunes bonus multipliers were awarded to Lauren Duski (#1 and #2), Chris Blue (#3 and #9), Jesse Larson (#5) and Aliyah Moulden (#7). All iTunes votes received for the five weeks leading up to the finale will be cumulatively added to online and app finale votes for each finalist. So now you have to decide who the voice 2017 winner is or who win the voice season 12. The voice 2017 Winner name announced very soon. The voice USA season 12 winner will be from Team Alicia or Team Blake Shelton as per the voice USA season 12 winner predictions.

The Voice USA 2017 Winner name Announced Who won the voice Tonight

The Voice - Season 12

Before you are getting your the voice 2017 winner there will be a surprise performance for you only yes you most awaiting season of the voice season 13 is going to premier from September 2017 and the new coach of the voice season 14 Miley Cyrus is going to perform on the stage of the voice 2017 finale winner announcement. Yes on the voice 2017 winner will be announced on 23 may 2017 and the voice 2017 fans will get the voice USA 2017 winner. Every time they are having question that who will win the voice 2017? But now wait is over and here is your the voice 2017 winner. Who won tonight? Chris Blue or Lauren Duski will be going to win tonight that is for sure and Hope you all support all the contestant of the voice 2017.

The Voice coach winner coach and who will win the Voice 2017

The Voice 2017 already at the last stage and now everyone is getting their the voice USA 2017 winner very soon .If we talk about voice 2017 winner coach then there may be a chance of Coach Alicia Keys and Coach Blake Shelton to be the winner of the voice 2017 and the voice season 12 winner coach is from above list only. Hope you all loves this result and the voice 2017 winner and the voice season 12 winner make your time happy with their mind blowing performances.

We would like to thank all our viewers for their incredible support and love. Now will be back with the voice 2017 season 13 in September with new coaches and new contestants. We are also having a big community page on Facebook where you can find each and every new updates of the voice 2017. Do join our Facebook page for more updates. Keep connected with us for more updates of the voice 2017 winner and the voice season 13.

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  • Jessie was the most consistent throughout the whole program and was true to himself. He didn’t steal from other stars for his style. I thought this was based on the voice and not on a popularity contest. I feel the coaches should be deciding and not the public. When the public votes. It is all about popularity not about true voice capability.

  • Cannot Believe, SO disappointed …the opening song is not an American song, like in English ??? Who’s choice was that?

  • Very disappointed. I think Chris used his girlfriend’s illness to play on peoples’ emotions. There is no way he should have won. Lauren definitely was more consistent and a better singer.

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